‌TRISS - Time Is Now (Official Lyric Video)

‌‌TRISS - Time Is Now ‌| Onstage Live

Time is Now

Feels like we`re running running out of time
We are talking too much talking ourselves to die
You`re not my enemy holding my ground
We`ve been marching ourselves to the ground  where we won`t lie

Hard times beating us outside We`re much better
Hot tide keeping us outside We`re much better now
We`re much better than you

Keep it to yourself and I`ll keep mine to myself Until we can show some respect
Show me what you have and I`ll show you what I have like a civilized animal
Sometimes when everything goes south
It`s not fair It’s not fair yeah

‌‌Science and Fantasy (Official Music Video)

‌INDIE WEEK CANADA in Toronto 2018

‌Onstage Live Interview

Science and fantasy (Club Live)

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Time Is Now (TV show)

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Breaking Star (LIVE)

Science And Fantasy (V LIVE)

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TRISS, alternative synth pop band will drive you into the sci-fi world
[ TRISS ] is an alternative synth pop/rock band from South Korea strongly inspired by 80’s synth sound and sci-fi movies. Vocal ‘Hyun Duk, Yang’ who is also the composer of [ TRISS ], takes influence from famous sound tracks of 80s and 90s sci-fi movies to produce his music. Rest of the rock oriented performers combined with retrospective style is unique. Despite of their nationality, most of their music is written in english by the composer, Hyun Duk, who has spent most of his childhood in America.
Playing live in Hong Dae(Korean indie music scene) for just about a year, [TRISS] is one of the hottest rising band. Since their first debut single [Ice cream], they have released 3 single albums and have won couple of most intense indie music auditions in Korea such as ‘2017 KT&G Band discovery’ and ‘2017 Busan rock festival competition Burock’. Now they are ready to release the first result of their musical experiment

1st EP “Science and Fantasy”
the album as a whole makes you feel adventurous as if you are watching a sci-fi movie
Launching from the earth with the spirit of resistance, the first track [Come into life] sends out message to all the minorities in the space to come back to life. Caught up in a war between [Science and fantasy] they speed up through the worm hole singing  [Chasing star] hoping to find a new world. Listening to their fourth track [Body and soul], they find true love in a space station. Achieving victory by singing [Breaking star] the journey finally comes to an end.
“space crew should be able to fix their space ship on their own” the reason why they wear ‘engineer like’ outfit lets you take a glimpse of their delightful attitude.


[Come into life] is a song that will make you feel like a rocket departing from a launch pad.  ‘It sounds like a common k-pop song’ is the first thing that comes into mind. Then the track quickly jumps into a retro synth sound shattering your pre-held expectations. The Sci-fi movie inspired synth arpeggiator with a message of resistance from the first track shows it’s ambition for the adventure yet to come.


‘Science and fantasy’ is a rather instinctive song which leads the listener not to only enjoy but actually feel the music. It comes to a conclusion where maybe that is the whole point of the song. The world we live in is so well developed and people are also very well-being, well-made, and at times too smart. No more immature childish fantasies are welcomed. Efficiency and logic seems to rule over us in all aspects of life. But maybe the song is telling us that perhaps we humans can achieve both immature purity and solid logicality when we hold on to each other. The basic purpose of human beings, interaction between one another. Maybe that is the way to keep us, mankind. Staying right between science and fantasy where we can truly be ourselves and be humane but at the same time enjoy the gift of the nature, knowledge, and technology.
The way the song transits through different forms builds interesting feelings for listeners. The song’s commanding vocal and chorus calling “Blood and soul!” makes listeners to want not to be left behind but it ends with rather optimistic renouncement singing “so let the lightning take us all”, leaving the listener in outer space drifting and floating towards nowhere.


[Chasing star] is an unabashed throwback to the 80s synth pop era. The rhythm and synth bass in the verse and chorus is very retrospective. But the song never goes too far off from the band’s unique identity. The rhythm repeatedly builds up and stops making listeners to hesitate to dance but that is what makes the song classy. The way the song transit through different forms leaves interesting feeling to listeners.


4th and the only love song of the album, [Body and soul] is a electronic pop song. The song is relaxed and calm and the melody is easy to sing along. [Body and soul] is definitely the song that you will stick in your head for a while. The song’s Commanding vocal and chorus shouting “Blood and soul!” makes listeners to want not to be left behind but it ends with rather optimistic renouncement singing “so let the lightning take us all”, leaving the listener in the outer space drifting and floating towards nowhere.


‌“who do you think we are?” “we are breaking star” as you can sense from these lyrics, [Breaking star] is victorious. It’s a grand finale of the album. Exploding synth sound and the chorus screaming “yeah!”, this song is a ceremony of the band celebrating the first victory they achieved through their first album.

트리스 미니앨범


‌공상과학 신스팝밴드 -  TRISS
TRISS (트리스는) 는 80년대 신스팝 사운드에 공상과학영화의 상상력을 더한 음악을 하는 4인조 신스팝 밴드이다.
리더 양현덕이 어려서부터 좋아하던 80, 90년대 공상과학영화에서 영감을 얻어 사운드의 중심을 잡으면, 베이스 김민규, 드럼 신영권, 신디사이저 데이지가 복고적 감성과 록 사운드를 더해 개성있는 곡을 만들고 있다.
학창시절을 중남미 문화권에서 보낸 리더의 영향으로 보기 드믄 팝적인 감성을 가졌으며, 모든 가사가 영어로 이루어 진 것도 TRISS 음악의 특징이다.
1st EP [Science and fantasy]
한편의 공상과학 영화를 보는 듯한 이번 앨범은 마치 지구를 떠나 미지의 세계를 탐험하는 우주 비행선을 연상케 한다. 이 여행은 차별과 억압에 대한 저항의 메시지를 품은 첫 번째 트랙 ‘Come into life’를 시작으로 발사대를 떠나, 이성과 감성의 전쟁터인 ‘Science and fantasy’에 도착해 한바탕 전쟁을 치른 뒤, 지구의 궤도를 벗어나 초광속 추진장치를 통과해 ‘Chasing star’를 부르며 수십만 광년을 날아 우주정거장에서 흘러나오는 ‘Body and soul’을 들으며 사랑을 하고, 승리의 세레모니 ‘Breaking star’를 부르며 막을 내린다.